Shock Troopers 2nd Squad

We've just got word that the Neo Geo classic Shock Troopers 2nd Squad will be popping up on the Switch eShop tomorrow for $7.99 / ¬£6.29. 

Following on from Shock Troopers, the action once again takes the form of a overhead run-and-gun title, much like Capcom's Commando. The team mode has been dropped this time, but the developers have tossed in a few unique gameplay twists to not only make up for the loss, but to also add even more speed and intensity to the game.

A fun addition over the original Shock Troopers comes in the ability to jump into a vehicle and then pilot it around the level, Metal Slug-style. With this comes a huge boost in firepower, not to mention a rather devastating charge attack. You'll want to spend as much time in the various vehicles as possible, especially when you get ready to tackle the game's tougher bosses.

If you're a fan of these style of games, then you can't go wrong here. Will you be picking this bad boy up for your Switch tomorrow?