With Splatoon 2 getting ever closer we're expecting more information about the game in the coming days and weeks; alongside that, many are assuming the first version of the smart device voice chat / lobbies app will come out alongside the game. A 'limited' version of the app is still due in 'Summer', which is any time over the next few months.

While Nintendo is biding its time in showing the app and how it'll link to games like Splatoon 2, we got a bit of insight in early June thanks to the big N promoting a Splatoon-themed Hori gaming headset. As you can see, it's not exactly an elegant solution.

Hori is currently promoting another headset designed to offer sound and voice chat for Nintendo Switch gaming, pegged for a July arrival (again, tying in with Splatoon 2). The actual headset goes for a chunkier and more generic design, but tellingly the wired setup remains the same, in which a phone (presumably running the upcoming Nintendo app), headset and Switch are all connected into a core unit.


We're certainly keen to see how the planned voice chat app shapes up, and whether more efficient solutions are available when it arrives.

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