The new neon yellow Joy-Con controller from Nintendo are certainly nothing new on a practical level, but who honestly cares when they're this bright and colourful? Nintendo released these as a tie-in with ARMS, their new fighting franchise, which, by the way, we loved.

It should be noted that although we did our absolute best these things are so bright they're very tricky to photograph, so please excuse the slightly more lemon appearance. We did our best, honest. In person they seem to be more of a highlighter yellow colour. They pop and are almost impossibly colourful similar to the existing red and blue Joy-Con we all know and love.

And in case you were wondering what kind of combinations you can achieve with a pair of these and the other Joy-Con controllers in the neon variety we've thrown together a short little gif for you to see just that, and believe us, all of these combinations are quite fetching. Personally, we're quite taken with the yellow and blue combination.

If, however, you want to see what these things look like in the dark under UV light, make sure you check out the video above where we show that very situation. Stills just don't seem to do them justice for this kind of thing. You've really got to see them in person to believe how wonderful these things truly are.

Image: Nintendo Life

Have you been enamoured by this feisty new variant? Are you keen to pick these up when they release alongside ARMS next week? Let us know in the comments below.