The other day we dropped a bit of a clanger by reporting that Lizardcube had solid plans for a physical Switch release of its excellent HD remaster Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - as it turned out, the developer would love to do it, but has made little progress in sorting out a physical Switch version. Sorry if we got your hopes up on that one. Ahem.

Not wanting to fall into the same hole twice, we're now hearing that Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom - the other Wonder Boy revival - is also in with a chance of a physical release.

FDG Entertainment - the publisher of the title - has posted the following on NeoGAF

It's too early to confirm anything but Switch and PS4 have the best chances for a physical release because of a less risky business. That said we love Xbox One too - everyone from the ID@Xbox Team is super nice and helpful. We'll see! Hopefully there's enough interest coming from players of all platforms while we're pitching to retail distributors. The amount of Twitter votes for a physical copy of Monster Boy have been very encouraging so far. Thanks for the continued interest!

While that's not quite a solid confirmation that Monster Boy will be arriving on a Switch cartridge any time soon, it's encouraging to hear all the same. Given the warm relationship between the Dragon's Trap and Monster Boy teams, perhaps they can pool their resources to solve this physical release conundrum? Fingers crossed, anyway.