It’s no secret that this writer is a huge Smash Bros. enthusiast - we’ve already covered what we’d like to see in the dreamed-about enhanced port/Director’s Cut edition of Smash 4 for Nintendo Switch, but what we have here is something arguably more exciting. As E3 looms near, we at Nintendo Life would like to host our own “mini fighter ballot”, and want to know who you’d like to receive the almighty invitation as a new challenger in the famous world-colliding brawler for the Switch, as an 'Ultimate Edition' add-on.

Some may hold back on their dream candidate(s) due to them being 1) already an Assist Trophy within the game, 2) a third-party character, or 3) generally unrealistic, but we encourage you to absolutely have at it with the enticing poll or 'Other' box below. Whether they’re returning veterans, new first or second-party characters, fresh IP, or someone completely unexpected from a third-party franchise, you never know what the big N could throw at us next – we beg to differ that anybody predicted the arrival of Final Fantasy's Cloud Strife! Couple that with the launch of Super Bomberman R and upcoming titles like Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces - you never know who could join the fray!

So with that said, either pick from our list or - if your favourite isn't there - enter your chosen fighter in the 'Other' field provided and hit that ‘Vote’ button; we're making it difficult by only allowing ONE vote per user. We’ll then collate the results and reveal them after a potential official announcement (we suspect at E3 or around then in June), or as a consolation prize if the rumoured release isn't confirmed.

Thanks for voting, the poll is now closed. Check out the results here.

Here’s to hoping we actually receive some new fighters in the (hopefully) inevitable Super Smash Bros. 4 definitive edition for Nintendo Switch, and good luck to your pick making the cut!

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