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The Nintendo Switch is already a very flexible piece of hardware, allowing you to play on a TV or with the system as a portable. Of course, some would like to easily play on multiple TVs in their house and swap between rooms, which is where standalone docks come into the reckoning.

After some scruffy options from Nintendo of America there are now formal boxed accessories coming to stores, with Europe waiting a little longer than North America. Amazon UK has now stepped in with its listing for the 23rd June release in the territory; the following is an affiliate link, so Nintendo Life may receive a small percentage of any purchases.

That price is about what we expected considering the typically high cost of Nintendo Switch accessories and the equivalent US pricing, though it's likely to make plenty think twice. However it does appear to come with the AC Adaptor which normally retails at £25 on its own and a HDMI cable. The Amazon listing is cheaper than the speculative £99.99 listing on GAME, while the Official Nintendo UK Store is yet to post its pre-order listing.

Are you tempted to pick up a spare Switch dock?

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