Nintendo Switch

With E3 only a month away now, it seems that it’s just onward and upward for Nintendo’s new hybrid, as it continues moving from strength to strength and selling impressive numbers. Indeed, now that we’re starting to get away from the launch window period and the console is beginning to hit its stride, many are wondering what Nintendo’s next move is going to be beyond what we already know. Perhaps in an effort to stealthily prepare us for the announcements that are forthcoming, Nintendo recently put out a new OS update for the Switch firmware.

When you find yourself watching the Nintendo Spotlight on 13th June, there’s probably going to be plenty of announcements that’ll positively make your head spin. Your knees will grow weak, your vision will be swimming with colors and light, you will be at your most unstable in some time. And then you’ll reach out a shaking hand for your Nintendo Switch, glad that you downloaded the 2.3.0 update, because it will have ensured that your Switch has enough stability to settle you down. As it would happen, that’s all that this new update adds, so hop to it and download the update as soon as you can.

What do you think? What’s the biggest reveal Nintendo will make at E3? When will the stability updates end? Drop us a comment in the section below.