Mighty Gunvolt

Back when Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt first launched on the eShop, there was a little game called Mighty Gunvolt that was handed out for free to anyone who purchased the game within a certain period. Mighty Gunvolt acted as something of an 8-bit demake of Azure Striker Gunvolt, featuring run ‘n’ gun gameplay that drew many parallels to that of the Mega Man series. It was a short but sweet experience, and evidently Inti Creates has more ideas on the concept, as a sequel was just revealed.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst is due to get a full reveal this weekend at BitSummit, but the latest issue of Famitsu leaked the details early. Gameplay appears to be quite similar to its predecessor, but there will now be a character growth system and a ‘Burst’ combo system in which extra points are handed out for taking out adjacent enemies in quick succession. The game will be starring Beck—of Mighty No. 9 (in)fame—and Gunvolt, and is due out on the 3DS and Switch eShops at an undisclosed date. No doubt we’ll have more information—and hopefully some gameplay footage—when the full reveal takes palce this weekend.

Famitsu scan

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[source nintendoeverything.com]