Strap yourselves in, everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

E3 isn't far off, which means 'leaks' everywhere online, and while there are various reporters and sources we trust 'anonymous' on 4Chan doesn't qualify. That's the source here, which means we're dropping a crate of salt on this one - apparent screens for Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch. [Update: As expected these seem to have been outed as fake, which was always the most likely outcome.]

The E3 'rumour' mill is turning once again
The E3 'rumour' mill is turning once again

Now, to be clear, a Director's Cut / Definitive Edition / Deluxe version of Smash 4 has been rumoured by some established analysts for quite some time, even though it's yet to come through. It seems like an easy win for Nintendo and one that wouldn't require significant input and stress for Masahiro Sakurai, as it could take the content from the Wii U and 3DS editions, fling them together and add some spruced up visuals. Heck, we recently did a poll on new characters we'd like to see as bonuses just because we think it's speculation that has a chance of being true.

Combine logic, fan hopes and dreams and an E3 build-up and you get rumours that are tough to believe, especially with Smash Bros. where modders and graphical artists can produce remarkably convincing 'screenshots'. So, the following are from 4Chan and there are quite a few in 'Team Fake' on NeoGAF, highlighting a number of potential flaws. This writer is in Team Fake when it comes to the screens, but Team 'Thinks It's Possible' when it comes down to the chances of the remaster / re-release / deluxe version being an E3 surprise.

Whether they're real or not, they're fun to look at as we fantasize about falling in love with Smash 4 all over again.

Smash Switch2.png
Smash Switch 3.png
Smash Switch 4.png

Do you hope to see a complete edition of Smash Bros. 4 on Switch this year, or is it just fantasy?