We've been trying out the newest addition to the Switch's line up of accessories, the appropriately named Joy-Con Wheel Pair made by Nintendo themselves. As comfortable as they are and for all the advantages of having something chunkier to wrap the tiny controllers in for those with bigger hands, there's a big problem with them.

As soon as we slapped a Joy-Con in we noticed that in the triggers there was a large amount of travel required before you actually hit the button, and in my personal view, it was an unacceptable amount. It made gameplay uncomfortable and awkward, but thankfully we found a super-simple solution to the woes this brought, and it's something anyone can do at home.

Make sure you check out the video above where we show you the problem in detail and the method to fixing it. Unless you don't find this kind of thing a problem in which case you should probably look at another one of our articles instead.