We brought you the news that Over Top is headed to the Neo Geo roster on the Switch eShop only this morning, but now the European eShop's Coming Soon page has been refreshed and we can see that Fatal Fury will be the Neo Geo game for next week. It will cost £6.29 and be available for download on the 20th April; the North American release date is to be confirmed.

When you consider the sheer volume of one-on-one fighters produced by SNK over the past decade or so it's amazing to think that 1991's Fatal Fury was the first time it had attempted such a game since the company's inception in 1978. Produced to compete with Capcom's legendary Street Fighter II, SNK's game was very similar, relying on 'special' moves and various combos.

While the series would improve over time, the original Fatal Fury was a great start for SNK in bloodying Capcom's nose for arcade brawling dominance. Will you be picking this up next week?