After last week's Nintendo Direct reminded us all that 2017 will be Kirby's 25th anniversary, it's no surprise that more merchandise is being created to celebrate the landmark. Over on the official Japanese anniversary website more goods have been added, all displaying colourful style for the pink puffball.

From Waddle Dee plushies to Kirby themed marshmallows there is something for everyone; even Warp Star headphones are available for those sunny afternoons walking though Dream Land.

Kirby Pupu Train.jpg

The recently added merchandise is due for release from 27th April 2017, sadly though unless you are willing to import the goods they're Japan only. Prices vary with the headphones being around £60 when converting from Yen, and the plushies costing around the £10 mark, but remember to take postage costs into consideration. Here's hoping Nintendo will release more Kirby goods globally to chime in on the celebration.

Would you like to see more Kirby goods come overseas?