It's early days for the Nintendo Switch, but plenty of curiosity around what the console / portable can do is easy to find online. From comparisons of the different versions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to beyond, the initial line-up is being put to the test.

Digital Foundry has been keeping an eye out for potential tests and has settled on Dragon Quest Heroes II, which is out in Japan as part of a double pack. It's a title that's already been out on PC, PS3, PS Vita and PS4, and with the ability to access the Japanese eShop some analysis has been done of the game's demo.

The results are interesting - the Switch version seems to be shooting for PS4-style visuals but can't fully match them, and is capped at 30fps to do so. The problem is that the framerate dips nastily in combat, so it's a far from optimal experience for this particular genre.

Of course we've had choppy games of this ilk on Nintendo hardware before, with the unpatched Hyrule Warriors having its problems on Wii U; it did get a bit smoother with some updates. With Fire Emblem Warriors due on Switch and New 3DS later this year, though, we'd hope more care will be taken to deliver solid performance there.

Naturally, this could be down to a sloppy port - a common curse with console launches - mixed with poor optimisation to what the Switch is realistically capable of doing. It'll be interesting to gauge performance on more titles once the library expands.

Based on this video, though, this isn't looking like a great launch title on Switch; perhaps it's one to avoid pending potential performance updates.