BoTW Zelda.jpg

When it comes to the UK charts covering last week, there was only going to be one winner to take the top spot - Mass Effect: Andromeda. Though Nintendo continues to labour a little in this particular territory, the most recent results bring a few bright spots.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance, is still showing decent momentum in holding onto sixth place for the second consecutive week. Interestingly, in the single-format results the Switch version did much of the work and climbed one place to 8th position, while the Wii U entry fell eleven places down to 23rd in that chart. Either some are finding Switch stock and picking up BoTW, or have systems and initially held off on the extraordinary adventure game.

Back to the all-format results, 1-2-Switch continues to tick along and climbed one place up to 16th, not bad for a title we expected to fare worse. In fact that's it for Switch games in the top 40, so we'd suggest the minigame collection is defying the odds.

On the 3DS we have some of the usual contenders - Pokémon Sun and Moon are still led by the former in 24th place, with Moon now barely clinging on in 40th position. Mario Sports Superstars is also struggling in 36th place, desperate for us to love it along with that excessive amiibo card selection.

The next major retail release for Switch in the UK that we're aware of is LEGO City: Undercover on 7th April, so it'll be interesting to see how that performs across multiple platforms.