It never ceases to amaze how far fans will go to show their love for a video game, even one that has yet to be released. Yooka-Laylee is due for launch in 2 weeks time on various platforms - thought not quite Switch yet - and to celebrate one super fan has managed to replicate the upcoming game for the Super Nintendo.

Twitter user @DvonLaser has gone above and beyond by showing off a 2D level of the duo running on the SNES. You can watch the impressive gameplay below:

It's unclear at this point if a full game has been developed or if is currently just the level seen in the video. Playtonic has shown its appreciation by tweeting out the footage, applauding @DvonLaser for his efforts:

Yooka-Laylee is due for release on 11th April for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC before arriving on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. Do you like the look of this fan-made 2D Yooka-Laylee?