We've been really enjoying our time with Snake Pass on the Switch eShop so far and our review should hopefully be with you very soon; our lovely male video hostess Alex has you covered in the meantime in the video above.

One slight criticism which we have with the game, which you might have noticed if you downloaded it yesterday, is with the rumble. If you have experienced the joys of HD Rumble in 1-2-Switch, let's just say any subtlety is gone in Snake Pass. Whenever you collect something like a orb it's like the rumble dial has been turned to 11; it violently vibrates and makes quite a noise.

While it's not a deal breaker, Sumo Digital is aware of the issue and their PR representative has issued us with the following statement about a upcoming patch to smooth things out a bit:

Sumo is aware of this issue and the patch to fix this has been sent to Nintendo for approval and should go live in the coming days.

Until then, just rumble along with it.