Treasurenauts Switch.png

Today's Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase was a whirlwind of releases, but an infographic of games coming to the system's eShop this year had some reveals of its own. Two eye-catching inclusions were from Atooi, with both Treasurenauts and Mutant Mudds popping up in the graphic.

Jools Watsham shared the good news of Treasurenauts with a couple of cheeky images adopting Nintendo's original Switch trailer.

We got in touch with Jools, who was eager to emphasize the co-op potential of Treasurenauts on Switch.

We're ecstatic to be able to reveal that Treasurenauts is coming to the Switch! It is a game very near and dear to my heart. Treasurenauts is an excellent fit for the multiplayer aspect of the Switch - always having two Joy-Cons with you anywhere you go, suits the seamless cooperative gameplay we've designed for the game. SUPER EXCITED!

Are you excited about Treasurenauts on Switch, as well as Mutant Mudds making its way to the system?