The unique-looking TumbleSeed is coming to Nintendo Switch, it has been confirmed today. Described as a "rolly roguelike", the game has gained recognition at various gaming festivals for its eye-catching visuals and gameplay.

The developers appear to be particularly interested in the potential of HD Rumble, and have even stated that TumbleSeed could become the "flagship" release for showing off this feature of the Switch hardware. The game has already been confirmed for the PS4.

Here's the full press release:

TumbleSeed is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring!

TumbleSeed is a rolly roguelike about a small seed with big dreams

Chicago, Illinois: aeiowu, a game developer known for Threes, Ridiculous Fishing, and Hundreds has announced it will be publishing TumbleSeed within the Nintendo Switch™ launch window this Spring.
TumbleSeed was recently awarded an honorable mention for the 2017 Independent Games Festival and an official selection at Fantastic Arcade, XOXO, PAX Prime Indie MegaBooth, Mild Rumpus and SXSW's upcoming games festival.

TumbleSeed will make unique use of the Nintendo Switch HD Rumble, offering a unique sense of how fast and where the player is rolling in the world. The Nintendo Switch is the only game console available that can provide this experience and TumbleSeed aims to be the console's flagship title for HD Rumble.

"I think this is potentially going to be the next roguelite that takes the world by storm. It's just so different." - Ryan Letourneau of popular "NorthernLion" YouTube channel.

"TumbleSeed is perfect for 10-20 minutes play sessions anywhere you may go and also great for a couch-session in 1080p at home," says Nintendo of America Indie Game Manager Kirk Scott. "TumbleSeed is made with the same spirit as any major title on a Nintendo system. It's right at home on the Nintendo Switch."

About TumbleSeed: TumbleSeed is a rolly roguelike about a small seed with big dreams. Roll up a procedurally generated mountain filled with holes and corrupted creatures. Reach the top and save your home! TumbleSeed features simple controls that are easy to pickup but difficult to master. Balance the seed, grow powerful with upgrades, and meet new friends on your way to the peak.

About the publisher: aeiowu is a game developer/publisher run solely by Greg Wohlwend, co-creator of two Apple Games of the Year and two-time, back-to-back winner of an Apple Design Award for Threes and Ridiculous Fishing. Other popular and critically acclaimed games include Hundreds, Solipskier, 4Fourths and Gasketball. aeiowu has been nominated for Independent Game Festival awards for Threes, Ridiculous Fishing, Solipskier as well has been selected for IndieCade, the PAX10 and other various accolades. aeiowu focuses on making world-class games focused on elegant design, beautiful worlds and thought-provoking challenges in an effort to be a part of pushing our medium forward.

Developed by: Benedict Fritz, Greg Wohlwend, David Laskey, Joel Corelitz and Jenna Blazevich.
About the developer: Team TumbleSeed is more band than company. We are a group of friends, each with our own independent companies, who love working together in Chicago. We have fought long and hard to find something truly special in TumbleSeed and our aim is to make that experience sublime yet challenging.

TumbleSeed will launch this Spring.