Cave Story is one of those games that just doesn't seem like it'll ever be totally gone, but there is a reason: the game is pretty good. The game was originally developed in 2004 by one man—known as "Pixel"—and subsequently saw a release on dozens of platforms, many of which belonged to the Big N. There've been noises over the past few weeks from Nicalis that the popular action game would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch and now the most overt reference has all but confirmed it.

Earlier today, Nicalis put out a simple tweet depicting what Cave Story box art would look like if it were made for the Nintendo Switch with a tongue in cheek message suggesting that it would become a reality. Here's the tweet:

It could be that Nicalis is just yanking our chains here, but let's face it: if they ported it to Switch, it would still sell thousands.

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What do you think? Would you buy Cave Story again if it came to Switch? What would you like to see added this time around? Drop us a comment in the section below.