Last year Zoink, best know to Wii U owners for the quirky and memorable Stick it to The Man, confirmed that it was bringing a game to the Nintendo Switch. It's evidently getting closer to its full reveal, as it's teased some new concept art.

You can see this below:

Fans of the company have been speculating, of course, with some wondering whether it'll be a sequel to the aforementioned Stick it to The Man. The art style doesn't seem to fit with Fe, it must be said, which is an intriguing title that's actually being published by EA.

It seems to be the case, then, that it is an all-new game coming to the Switch; the studio has also tackled the topic of Zombie Vikings in a separate tweet. Previously planned for Wii U, a short video showed the game running on the new system; the studio wants to release the game but made clear in some replies that it's not 100% certain, the team simply wants it to happen.

A new game is definitely coming, then, and there's a chance that Zombie Vikings could also arrive. Based on what we've seen of the Zoink's work in the past, this is certainly promising news for the upcoming system's eShop.

With thanks to Benson for the heads up.