Close followers of the Wii U eShop may be familiar with Zoink, the rather talented studio that developed Stick it to The Man. It's a studio with an interesting Nintendo history, having also worked on a cool concept idea called WeeWaa back in the Wii days. Back in 2014 the company also announced a publishing partnership with Image & Form, and is also developing the first game of the EA Originals initiative; more on that below.

The good news is that Zoink has confirmed it's developing a project for the Nintendo Switch. The blog post avoids details, but expresses excitement about working with the system.

We can't tell you much yet, but we all have really high hopes for the Nintendo Switch, with its versatility and innovative features. And we promise to work our ***** off to produce a high-quality title for the platform – we're already on it! The dev kit is in our hands and the ideas in our heads.

Since Stick it to The Man, Zoink has released Zombie Vikings on PS4 and PC, and its latest announced project is Fe. It was only revealed in the Summer, has no confirmed platforms yet and is that aforementioned first game under the EA Originals label; in this initiative the Indie retains IP ownership, with EA handling publishing and retaining "partnership rights". EA is actually listed as a third-party supporter of Switch, too.

Of course, until it's confirmed we don't known whether Zoink is bringing a port of an older game, Fe, or something entirely different to the Switch.

In any case, it's another talented development studio stepping up with some content for Nintendo's next-gen system, which is certainly welcome news.

[source zoinkgames.com]