Nintendo is holding a Fire Emblem direct tomorrow, but one of the big announcements during the broadcast may well have been revealed.

The direct will no doubt focus on Fire Emblem Warriors and (perhaps) the announced mobile game, but digging into the source code of the Fire Emblem Warriors page on has revealed a piece of code which says "Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations for Nintendo Switch". You can see the code in the image below.


Could this be the real deal, or is it simply a mistake? As one NeoGAF poster has pointed out, a lot of the other information included on the page relates to the 3DS version of the game, so this line of code could potentially have been included unintentionally.

However, an upscaled port of Fire Emblem Fates on Switch - which includes all of the versions and DLC released so far - would be very welcome and would help flesh out the Switch software library in 2017.