Retro collectors will know full well the thrill of unexpectedly finding a gaming gem at their local charity shop or car boot sale (thrift store and flea market to non-UK folks), but this latest discovery by the one and only Patrick Scott Patterson is on another level entirely.

Patterson found many early NES items - including R.O.B., a boxed console and even some sealed games - inside an abandoned RV located on the grounds of a dilapidated North American property. The battered-looking vehicle - along with some nearby storage sheds - contained these amazing Nintendo finds, as well as some other gaming goodies.

Here's Patterson to pick up the story:

That old RV contained several early NES black box items. Between it and the storage sheds on this old, tired property, I obtained a boxed R.O.B. the robot, a 1986 Nintendo control deck box and numerous NES black boxes, including two that still have the round "Nintendo" sticker seal at the top, and some early tabletop games by Coleco and Parker Bros.


As you can see from the images on this page, the items are in surprisingly good condition and prove that there are still plenty of amazing retro gaming finds out there, waiting for the right person to discover them.