Image: Atlus

Persona 5 ranks pretty high up on people's lists regarding what they want to be ported to the Nintendo Switch. We guess these requests started to become grating to Atlus/Sega of America PR manager John Hardin, as he tweeted out this statement and GIF which is appropriately accurate considering how many times he's been asked about the games coming to Nintendo's latest console.

As of now, the only game from Sega that has been confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo Switch is the new 3D Sonic game coming later this year that's simply titled 'Project Sonic 2017'.

It's safe to say that Sega and Atlus will support the system with a decent amount of games during its lifespan, since Sega has supported Nintendo's consoles heartily in the past and rumours of Atlus bringing a new SMT game to the system next year.