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The expectation is that after the dust settles on the Nintendo Switch Presentation pre-orders will start to go live. It'll naturally vary per region, and details like bundle options and pricing are still uncertain, but orders are expected to be available on 13th January.

The Nintendo NY store has now pitched in with a tweet confirming pre-orders opening at 9am local time on 13th January, for those in the area that can get to the location. The wording of 'limited quantity' is naturally making some nervous, however, bringing to mind stock issues in various past cases, most recently with the NES Mini.

It's worth also remembering, for you New Yorkers, that the store is hosting a screening of the Switch Presentation.

A big hope is that Nintendo won't drop the ball with launch stock of the Switch, and until pre-orders open it'll remain unclear how successfully the company is keeping on top of demand.

Are you planning to rush for a pre-order once retailers go live in this week?