Nier: Automata

One of the most anticipated releases for the PS4 this coming year is that of NieR: Automata. The upcoming follow up to 2010's NieR is being developed by Platinum Games—of Bayonetta fame—but will be published by Square Enix. While it may be a console exclusive for PS4 at this time, both Square Enix and Platinum Games are no strangers to Nintendo, and a recent Q&A session by Square Enix suggests that a port of the hack 'n' slash isn't entirely out of the question for the Switch.

The session was hosted on Square Enix's Facebook, and one of the questions asked of Takihisa Taura—a lead designer—was related to the game's chances of receiving a Switch port. Here's what Taura had to say:

From our perspective in PlatinumGames, if Square Enix pays us to do it, we'll make you a version for the Switch, we'll make you a version for the Super Nintendo if you want – anything you ask for.

It's far from a confirmation to be sure, but it's nice to see that Switch isn't being dismissed out of hand. Perhaps someday we'll have the chance to play 2B's adventure on the go.

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