Super Mario Run

In typical fashion, Nintendo decided to buck conventional trends when it launched Super Mario Run for iOS. Rather than follow the pay to play, microtransaction-focused model that the mobile marketplace is built on, it instead opted to have a comparatively large upfront cost that would then give users complete access. It's been well-documented that this has been a rather hit or miss approach, and now new data shows that the vast majority of users haven't been enticed

Newzoo—a mobile market research firm—has estimated that Super Mario Run has generated roughly $30 million in revenue. That's by no means a bad number to be sure, but when considered in the context of the estimated 90 million+ installs of the game, that comes out to barely over three percent of the total install base. Considering that Nintendo has also indicated that it doesn't intend on supporting or significantly updating the game anytime soon, it would seem that this has been something of a disappointing debut for Mario on mobile devices.

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