If you'd clean forgotten that Kerbal Space Program had even been announced for the Wii U, don't worry - so had we, to be perfectly honest. We've heard pretty much nothing since it was revealed the game would be ported to Nintendo's current home console, but now developer Squad has broken its silence - and no, there aren't any prizes for guessing what's about to come next.

That's right - Kerbal Space Program looks like another one to add to the "canned" pile on Wii U:

We think it's necessary to shed some light regarding this topic. The industry landscape changed since we made that announcement. Although we were excited to release this port, external factors are forcing us to reevaluate if it is the right move for Kerbal Space Program. It is still too soon to give you a definite decision, so we'll give you more detailed information in the future.

Given that the Switch is just around the corner, this statement doesn't come as a massive shock. Hopefully Squad's reevaluation will involve porting the game to that console instead.

[source reddit.com]