Earthlock: Festival of Magic has been a significant project for Snowcastle Games since it launched its Kickstarter way back in 2014, though the ambitious RPG did eventually arrive on PC and Xbox One last year. The Wii U version was handed over to a third-party and was targeting a similar release window to the PS4 iteration - as the game launched on Sony's system this week, Snowcastle provided an update on progress.

Pleasingly it's not far away on Nintendo's system, alleviating any concerns about progress. A project update makes clear that its Wii U release is just weeks away, though there are still no concrete plans for Nintendo Switch despite interest from the developer.

The Wii U version is giving us some challenges, but we have made great progress. Only the last few scenes remain to be optimised. We hope to enter certification in about 2 weeks. It might be tight, but we are still optimistic about a Wii U launch around the end of February/ beginning of March. I'll keep you posted once we have more precise dates.

Nintendo Switch is still an uncertainty. Nintendo has not given us a clear response on when we may expect to publish on their new console. Feel free to use social media to let Nintendo know that you want Earthlock on the Switch. (

It'll be interesting to see how Earthlock: Festival of Magic stacks up on Wii U; here's hoping it'll make its mark on the eShop.

With thanks to DiscoGentleman for the heads up.