Millions of gamers have been getting stuck into Pokémon Sun and Moon, but it'll be interesting to see how well - or otherwise - the Z-Ring toys are performing. Clearly mimicking the gimmick of the Yo-kai Watch series in terms of oversized wearable toys, these communicate with the game to light up and react to Z-Moves.

In Japan, where toy ranges like these can certainly take off in a big way, The Pokémon Company is trying to push these toys as must-have accessories for Sun and Moon. The video below focuses on the first wave of toys, ultimately showing the different 'crystals' lighting up with multiple moves. When you buy the Z-Ring you get a few crystals included, but then you have to buy more separately.

Do you think these toys will take off; do you know anyone that actually has a Z-Ring? Let us know in the comments.