Level-5 has been a successful company for quite some time, but the viral success of Yo-kai Watch in Japan took it to another level. Though the company had previously dabbled with 'cross-media' franchises with the likes of Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven, the idea's been exploited to the full with the Pokémon challenger.

The next big venture, as many of you already know, is Snack World. The game for this is coming to smart devices in Japan in Spring next year, and 3DS in July, while there'll also be a TV show. Naturally NFC toys will also make an appearance, in the form of collectible weapons that are then unlocked in the game, for example.

In any case, an updated trailer for the franchise has been shared, and it's bonkers. Observe...

We want it in the West, just to see how the localisation teams bring the whole thing together.