The Flash

Superhero games have had a bit of a rough track record due to the abundance of lazy licensed games, but highlights of the past few years could be found in the likes of the Batman Arkham or inFamous series. One popular superhero that seems to have never gotten his chance to shine in a game is the Flash, but recent reports indicate that he could've been the star of a big budget game had everything gone according to plan.

Liam Robertson of Unseen64 recently posted a video with his findings on The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, an ambitious open-world adventure by Bottlerocket Entertainment that would've starred the Scarlet Speedster. The game made it about a year into development and steady progress was being made, but it all went bad when Brash entertainment—the game's publisher—went under due to poor upper management, which left Bottlerocket Entertainment with no choice but to scrap their work. Here's a video, detailing the ill-fated game's story:

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