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Just recently YouTube user OBE1Plays has shared another 'leak' on his YouTube channel; though it should be taken with a healthy dose of salt, it's nice for a little bit of debate. This time the report is that Capcom is trying to make Resident Evil 7 work with the proposed VR implementation on the Switch.

If you haven't seen the patents that were recently filed, you can catch up on the info here.

OBE1 points out that hurdles have been difficult to jump through including the system's ability to render VR imagery, that motion controls have been difficult for the team to implement, and that a low-pixel count is hurting the game's overall experience.

Strangely enough, while many have believed that Resident Evil 7 would be a PSVR exclusive; recent news pointed out that the title would only be 'VR exclusive' to PlayStation for a year.

While this 'year of exclusivity' means that the development team would have plenty of time to attempt a working incarnation of the idea on Switch, it's only loose talk at this stage.

What are your thoughts on this and the likely arrival (eventually) of VR on Nintendo's system? Sound off in the comments below.