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For almost three days, a report by Eurogamer has left parts of the Nintendo fanbase distraught.

Some fretted the rumoured specs to be a negative omen for third-party support, worrying that a seemingly burdensome development environment would repeat itself following the Wii U.

Eurogamer also specifically mentioned how the system in 'undocked' form would be 1280x720, resulting in the estimation that games would be potentially upscaled when running from the 'docked' implementation on a TV - games would run in both setups, but with differing performance.

Now, well known technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki has taken to Twitter to share findings from a research analyst; in the process throwing his chips into a sea contradicting rumors.

For those unfamiliar with USB-C technology - which has previously been outlined in reports - it's a fast upgrade from the previous incarnations of mini-USB drives. If implemented in the way described in the tweet, the Switch will be suitably responsive while in 'docked' form; information relaying from the Switch's handheld component will be able to quickly send through the dock and into the TV, resulting (hopefully) in minimal input lag.

This tweet is where things get interesting, as it insinuates that there will be no down/upscaling on the cursory level described in the Eurogamer leaks.

A big takeaway is how the Nintendo Switch screen will be downgrading games from WQHD (1440p) to a 1080p portable screen, the physical screen on the handheld that many current assume to be 720p. This mirrors what a supposed Foxconn employee leak detailed.

Apart from that, not very many people believed that the patent revealing a VR-like implementation was going to be ready near launch, as we suggested in our own article. It could be a product for the future.

This final tweet seems to be insinuated via the existence of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a few other reported open-world style games being developed for the console; we're not sure there's enough evidence to read into this, at the moment..

While this potentially brings exciting things to light, be sure to temper your expectations. Absolutely nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo regarding the Switch's specs, and the contradictory nature of reports is telling; multiple respectable sides believe they have key insight, but still disagree on fundamentals of the Switch specs.

Hopefully all will be clearer in January.