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Image: LPVG.com

It seems that someone at Nintendo is being a little too chatty with regards to the Nintendo Switch, which is leading to some interesting reports. This is another one from LetsPlayVideoGames.com, which to our understanding does have solid sources within Nintendo and elsewhere - earlier today it reported that the system will support Micro SDXC cards, with a potential capacity up to 128GB.

Though we do trust LetsPlayGames and the author of these articles, as with all reports via sources there are the usual provisos that they should be considered as rumours, albeit ones that we're relatively confident to share.

Two reports have been published by LPVG since the SDXC post - one concerns the apparent power supply port on the Switch console. Citing a Nintendo source and "a source close to the production of the reveal trailer", it's claimed that the bottom middle of the system has a USB-C port (pictured at the top). It is this that charges the handheld aspect when it's in the dock, and naturally chargers with that connector could also be used. This would see Nintendo move away from the proprietary chargers we've seen with Wii U and 3DS, but perhaps for good reason. With question marks around the battery life of the Switch, USB-C would at least allow for quick charging when plugged in.

The second report states that the Switch dock's USB inputs aren't going to support external hard drives. This is hardly surprising if the previous report regarding Micro SDXC support is correct. As highlighted by LPVG, supporting separate external memory types in the console and the dock would setup awkward situations where some content stored to a hard drive connected to the dock wouldn't be on the console, scuppering the 'on-the-go' feature. It'd be too messy to work, we'd suggest.

Both reports seem feasible in any case. We can be confident that Nintendo will offer some means of expanding memory, and as the portable aspect is the actual console it's logical that it'll house the solution.

We shall see in January, in any case. Let us know what you think of these reports in the comments.

[source letsplayvideogames.com]