A short while ago Nintendo made the news for shutting down Pokémon Uranium, a fan-made title which gained so much positive press it was even nominated at the 2016 Game Awards this year - before it and Metroid II remake AM2R were pulled from the category with no explanation.

Nintendo has now yanked the plug on another fan-made 'mon-catching project by the name of Pokémon Prism. A hack for Pokémon Crystal, Prism added a new region, 200 new Pokémon and the chance to actually play as the monsters. Development began almost eight years ago, but now it's all over.

Nintendo has been in touch with creator Koolboyman and has told him to cease all work on Prism, as well as pull down data for Pokémon Brown and Rijon Adventures, hacks for Pokémon Red and Pokémon FireRed respectively.

Nintendo is of course well within its rights to protect its brands, but do you think it has been a bit heavy-handed here? Let us know by posting a comment below.

Thanks to Donni for the tip!