Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo made the official announcement of its upcoming Switch console, the name seemed to immediately make sense. Rather than the somewhat weak naming of the Wii U, which was named in order to focus on "you" more, the Switch appeared to have gotten its name from the way in which you "switch" between home and portable gaming seamlessly. Now, it seems that this is only part of the message the company wants to convey with the name.

Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream just recently published a few questions that it had sent in to Nintendo for this month's issue, and one of them was pertaining to the name. Evidently, it is also referring to how this will "flip a switch" in people's lives and change the way they view entertainment:

We decided that this name would be the best fit for our product for two reasons. It represents one of the defining features of the Switch, the ability to seamlessly 'switch' between the TV screen and Switch's screen, while also embodying the idea of being a 'switch' that will flip, and change the way people experience entertainment in their daily lives.

Moving on from there, Nintendo went on to explain how the reveal trailer was meant to show the diverse scenarios in which one could play with the Switch:

We wanted to show people just how much of an enjoyable difference it will make in their entertainment experiences, by having them see and hear for themselves what it can do in an easy-to-digest manner. It allows people to enjoy a home console experience not only in front of a TV, but in rooms with no TV, or outside altogether. And because the controllers are detachable from the main body of the console, each of its forms offer different play experiences for people to enjoy.

What do you think? Is the Nintendo Switch an effective name? Do you think it will do what Nintendo hopes it will do? Drop us a comment in the section below