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Devil's Third had an interesting time on Wii U, initially as a system exclusive; it was fiercely defended by Tomonobu Itagaki and fans, savaged by others, and greeted with a shrug of indifference by many. Years in the making and a manic 'mature' shooter / action hybrid, it was one of the more intriguing releases of this generation.

Now it's lost its best feature, as right on schedule the online servers have been taken offline. In our review of the game our summary was simple - the solo campaign was a buggy mess while the online was a redeeming feature of the scruffy overall package.

Devil's Third is an odd beast, seductive and alluring in some respects and nightmarish in others. The solo campaign ultimately isn't good enough; occasional positives are eventually overwhelmed by bugs, poor design and technical issues. The online multiplayer, while still a little lacking mechanically, is a more fun gameplay experience; it's also surprisingly deep in structure, and one of few online feature-sets of its type on Wii U. Plenty of 'Drill' modes and the impressive fortress / clan setup in Siege mode are notable, with the only major downside of the online component being unnecessary microtransactions.

Sadly it's now only left with its worst part, and some have been bemoaning the end on Miiverse.

It's an adios to Devil's Third, which really tried (and in part succeeded) with that online mode.