A little while ago we wrote about a quirky Capcom game for 3DS that'll utilise NFC payment cards - and in particular their train travel records - for a free-to-play game. That title - Megami Meguri - is out now in Japan.

The basic plot revolves around a 'novice Goddess' called Tsukomo, who needs to visit more experienced Goddesses and 'make offerings' throughout Japan. To do this, the game utilises an RPG-lite approach - and a board game-style map - related to 9000 train stations around Japan. Basic in-game mechanics seemingly can be boosted with micro-transactions (it is free-to-play, after all), while NFC-based travel cards can be synchronised; their data impacts the game. Tsukomo will talk to you about stations you've visited and money you've spent, because she's both nosy and needs to becoming a great Goddess.

This Gematsu summary from earlier in the year is pretty exhaustive, or you can just marvel at the trailer below - in addition to the official website - and consider how quirky the concept is.

It seems like a fun way to weave some gameplay around daily travel routines, and we can see how games like this can draw players in with its various loops. It's a neat spin on gameplay ideas normally driven by GPS or maps, too, as it can utilise the rather simple technology of NFC cards in smart ways.

Anyway, it'll never come to the West - we don't think. It's fun to look at, though.

[source tinycartridge.com]