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Nintendo has a lot of money, and can spend it as it darn well pleases, but a press release from Nintendo of America has us a little baffled. It seems the subsidiary hired a survey company (they're not necessarily cheap, either) to quiz parents about how bad they feel about time they can't spend with their children; this data has then been used to promote Mario Party Star Rush and the accompanying free 'Guest' download.

The survey, conducted by 'Wakefield Research for Nintendo', quizzed 1000 parents in the US via email invitations. That's led to an infographic which shows that parents apparently worry about the limited time they play with their kids, have children that argue over what to play (as they all do), and suggests Ninty gaming is an answer to these woes. Weirdly the numbers aren't even particularly high in some cases, but the case is made nevertheless.

"Between busy school and work lives, quality family time is becoming more and more limited," said Meredith Sinclair, a lifestyle expert in play and family time. "What's so great about Mario Party Star Rush is its ability to bring families together to play something that everyone will enjoy. Families will be making an effort to schedule more game nights and to find time to play together."

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If you're a parent and feel suitably motivated to now buy Star Rush do let us know. Surveys aside it is a good game, in any case.