This time of year can be a bit intense, we find, with big game releases, Black Friday and the usual pre-Christmas / Yuletide / generic Winter Holiday shenanigans ahead of late December. In work and private lives, there's a lot going on.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an ideal way to chill out, with quirky locals to chat to and relaxing tasks to complete. A little while ago it had its 'Welcome amiibo' free update, too, which adds a whole bunch of new features. Strangely, the updated retail version of the game with this new content available on the cart is out today in Europe; that's not great timing, to be honest, but that does mean Nintendo has posted a neat overview trailer in the region. It's incredibly charming, and also serves as a handy guide for those yet to fully get into the updated game.

Have you been playing New Leaf again since the update? Let us know.