Switching it up

Nintendo's latest console launches in March next year and while there are still a great many unanswered questions, one of the most pressing has to be the cost of the system - something which, if this latest rumour is to be believed, will be quite reasonable.

LetsPlayVideoGames - a site which has been correct in the past regarding Switch leaks - is reporting that the UK high street retailer GAME will be selling the Switch for £199.99.

In the UK, manufacturers are not permitted to fix the RRP of their systems, leaving the retailers to decide based on trade cost. This latest report would suggest that GAME is now aware of that cost and has set its price accordingly.

LetsPlayVideoGames also reports that a bundle will be available for £249.99 which includes more storage and a game. Switch Pro Controllers are expected to sell for £39.99.

This rumour comes hours after retail giant Toys R Us posted a $329.99 price on its Canadian site. That translates to around $242 US dollars.

[source letsplayvideogames.com]