Pokemon Refresh

Pokémon Refresh is one of the interesting new features in Pokémon Sun and Moon, building upon the foundation that was laid out last generation with Pokémon Amie. You still interact with your Pokémon like before, but this time around it's more than a distraction and has real game related benefits. Status conditions can be cured via Refresh post-battle, and regularly spending time with your Pokémon leads to other benefits such as more critical hits and increased durability.

Of course, half the fun of the Refresh mode is just getting to interact with your Pokémon in a significant way outside of battle, and several individuals online have discovered a little easter egg related to this. If you hover your hand just above a Pokémon's head for long enough, it'll jump up and high-five you, boosting its enjoyment level and deepening the bond between you. It doesn't seem like every Pokémon can do this – only animal-like ones with two or four feet – but it's a pretty cute addition.


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