Yoshi editor

It came as a bit of a surprise when Nintendo lifted the lid on Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World, a 3DS Port of the cute Wii U platformer. As indicated by the name, this version will be placing greater emphasis on Yoshi's canine companion, and a Poochy amiibo will even be sold alongside the game. When it was revealed, there were indications that this port would have some new content that wasn't available in the initial release, and Nintendo of Europe has just revealed one of these new features.

Using the 3DS' touchscreen, you'll be able to go into some kind of grid-like editor that will allow you to create custom skins for the Yoshi you control. Considering the original's emphasis on having loads of different skins for Yoshi, this seems like a welcome and natural expansion of the concept. Also, it seems like there will be a collectable element to the custom skins, as the 20 collectable beads in each level depict a pencil this time around instead of a Miiverse stamp.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up? What kind of designs will you try to make? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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