Solgaleo and Lunala played no small part in this month's results

With the Nintendo Switch just on the horizon, many have wondered how it will impact Nintendo's business strategy in the coming months and years. It's obvious that the Wii U is being put out to pasture – the console's already ceased production – but what of the 3DS? Nintendo has shown that production of 3DS games will continue for some time after the launch of the Switch, but perhaps it might want to think of keeping the 3D handheld alive even beyond that.

The October NPD results just came in, and they were quite favorable for the 3DS. Here's what analyst Sam Naji had to say on the results:

The 3DS experienced its fifth straight month of year-on-year growth. Both unit sales and consumer spending for October grew 12 percent as average pricing was flat year on year. It is likely that continued consumer interest in the Pokémon franchise and Monster Hunter: Generations has driven this growth.

All told, it seems as though the handheld is doing rather well, perhaps more so than one would expect at this late period in its life.

What do you think? Should Nintendo keep the 3DS around well after the Switch's launch? How long do you think it'll sustain growth? Share your thoughts in the comments below.