The NES Classic Edition arrives this month, and ships with a wired controller which is a close match for the pad that accompanied the game-changing 1985 console.

While being tethered to the system by a cord no doubt adds to the authentic retro experience, there will be some players out there who are young enough to have never known the thrill of accidentally pulling their console halfway across the room by the controller cord, and those same lucky individuals will no doubt be looking for a wireless solution when their NES Classic Edition turns up later this month.

Thankfully, peripheral maker Nyko has one. The Miniboss controller for the NES Classic Edition can be used up to 30 feet away from the system and uses "space age" cordless technology to link the pad with the system via a special dongle.

Conquer any game and get the Hi-Score with Miniboss for NES Classic Edition. Miniboss features SPACE-AGE Cordless Technology allowing cord-free play from up to 30 feet away. Cords are so yesterday and cordless is the future! Sit back in comfort to enjoy the classics! No need to be close to the television. Two offset ergonomic face buttons gives you the precision needed to make those jumps, avoid beams and for mass button mashing action. Two is all you need! The rad 4-way directional pad is perfect for up, down, right and occasional left movement.

Show the BOSS who's BOSS with Miniboss!

+ Precise button mashing action with complete wireless freedom
+ Play cord-free up to 30 feet away
+ 2 offset ergonomic face buttons - Two is all you need!
+ 4-way directional pad for perfect up, down, right and occasional left movement


The Miniboss launches on the same day as the NES Classic Edition, November 11th. It costs $19.99. Here's what Chris Arbogast, Nyko's Director of Sales and Marketing, had to say:

The original NES is a legendary console that so many of us have fond memories of, and we've set out to create an accessory that offers what we at Nyko do best – augment the gaming experience with creative design while respecting the charm of the hardware it complements. We envision gamers playing the amazing lineup of NES Classic Edition titles on their massive flatscreens at home, which require a little more distance from the screen than the old tube TVs. The Miniboss will allow us to play from the comfort of our couch without having to pull the console out to our coffee table.

In addition to the Miniboss, Nyko is also launching the Extend Link cable on the same day for $9.99. This extends the reach of your NES Classic Edition controller by 6 feet.

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