Still on track?

It's fair to say that the rumour that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won't be hitting the Nintendo Switch at launch caused quite a bit of upset, and since then we've seen evidence to suggest that it could arrive later in the year - a listing on Target's site says June 16th, for example.

However, retailer GameStop seems to be pretty confident that we'll have the game in our hands before April turns up. It has listed the title as a Q1 2017 release, and Q1 covers the months of January, February and - wait for it - March. That means that the game will be out around the same time as the launch of the Switch.


While the slide is titled "Focused Marketing Calendar" and indicates when GameStop will begin promoting these titles, during the retailer's conference call it was stated that the games in question will release in the same time frame.

GameStop might be mistaken with this timeframe of course, but given the size of the retailer and its close relationship with Nintendo, there's an excellent chance this info lines up.

What do you think? Will Breath of the Wild hit the Switch around launch time? Let us know with a comment.

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