This Edge is a little blunt

The NES Advantage was easily one of the most memorable peripherals for the NES, bringing arcade like controls and some convenient features, like turbo buttons. Now that the NES Mini is out, it was only a matter of time before third party companies (or maybe even Nintendo itself) got around to releasing a new version that would work with the microconsole. EMiO delivered this with 'The Edge' Joystick, but it forgot one key detail: compatibility with the console itself.

You read that right, the EMiO Edge does not work with the NES Mini, even though it was made for it and comes with a cheat code book for the games that it features. It does work with the Wii and Wii U Virtual Consoles, however, so it's not completely useless. EMiO has been quick to take it off store shelves and recalls have already been issued, but it's certainly torpedoed consumer faith in this particular product if it ever tries to relaunch a functioning model.

What do you think? Did you happen to buy one of these? How do you think it went into production without anybody noticing this problem? Share your thoughts in the comments below.