Yesterday we reported on the hints that a new Daytona USA was coming to arcades, which is particularly exciting for a few members of the Nintendo Life team. Well it is happening, and it'll be on show in a couple of weeks.

The SEGA Amusements Twitter account shared the good news; as the name makes clear it focuses on the arcade side of the company's business.

The IAAPA Attractions Expo is an industry event running from 15th-18th November in Orlando, Florida, so we can bet some footage of the demonstration unit will be on show there.

Not all of SEGA's arcade games make their way to console, in fact many don't, and the tweet above does say #arcadeonly. A port of the original Daytona USA did come to Xbox Live and PSN in 2011, so SEGA isn't completely against releasing downloads of popular arcade games. We suspect fans would have to make a lot of noise for the new entry to even be considered as a download title.

In any case, it'll be interesting to see the New Daytona later this month.