Once upon a time the local arcade was the only place to get your cutting-edge gaming fix. Back in the '80s and '90s coin-op tech was way ahead of what was available in the home and companies like Sega, Capcom and SNK all put plenty of resource into creating coin-guzzling smash-hits.

Fast forward to today and arcades are all but dead, but firms like Sega continue to support them with a handful of releases. Freshly announced is a sequel of sorts to the popular Ghost Squad lightgun game, which was ported to the Wii back in 2007. Target Bravo: Operation Ghost features a 55-inch screen and appears to follow on from 2011's Operation Ghost.

Another title which is getting refreshed is Let's Go Island, the 2011 sequel to Let's Go Jungle. This doesn't appear to be a new game but a new cabinet, which isn't all that exciting.

Of much more interest is a rumour that Sega is rebooting the Daytona USA series with the title by the name of Daytona Reloaded. According to reports, Sega will officially unveil the game next week.

The original Daytona USA arrived in arcades in 1994 and was duly ported to the Sega Saturn. A sequel arrived in 1998, followed by a Sega Dreamcast remix of the first game in 2001 under the title Daytona USA 2001. When Sega's licence to use the Daytona name expired it released an enhanced version of the arcade game under the name Sega Racing Classic in 2010 before renewing the agreement and bringing the original arcade Daytona USA to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2011.

While it's obviously too early to talk of console ports - and Sega has been curiously reluctant to bring across any of its recent arcade titles to home systems, presumably because they actually look a lot worse than most modern console games - we'd love to see this new Daytona on the Nintendo Switch. It would make up for the fact that '90s Super GP has almost certainly been canned for Wii U.

All of these titles will be shown off at the IAAPA 2016, which takes place in a few weeks.